Cacao Nibs

Freshly Roasted or Roast it Yourself

Pick up from our Roastery or delivered to your door.

Our organic cacao beans are sourced ethically through direct trade with the farm in Panama and include two varieties of Forastero and Trinitario. The farm is located in Rambala, Chiriqui Grande, Bocas del Toro where the beans are processeed using traditional techniques of fermentation in wooden baths and then dried in African beds under natural sunlight. The grower of these beans, Jose Israel Hernanez works in partnership with Santos Cafe in Panama to ensure these beans reach us in the finest condition. These specialty beans have notes of wild cherry fruitiness, with a fine crisp nutty texture, and an underlying dark creamy caramel sweetness to finish.

Once roasted, the beans are crushed gently and separated from their husk leaving only the inner part of the bean - the nibs.