Montezuma Roast

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The Montezuma roast is our darkest profile, with a reputation as full bodied and well rounded. We don't like to think of it as strictly an espresso roast, however some people may be most familiar with this type of classification. We find those who like a more 'Italian' style coffee, without the bitter flavours, tend to prefer this profile, and are nicely surprised by its smoothness and great balance.

This roast is named after one of the most revered coffee pickers on the Santos Cafe farm in Panama, Maximo Montezuma. Montezuma is an indigneous 'Ngobe' person of Panama, and at 29 years of age, he has been working for the Santos family for 11 years. He is currently one of the supervisors on the farm, and in tribute to the valued contribution he and his family have made, we have named this roast profile after him.

Flavour Notes: rich dark brown sugar aroma smooth nut flavours with complex winter fruits and a good balance to finish.

Brewing Notes: This roast is great as a single espresso, or stove top 'mocha pot'. It goes well in a percolator and we also find it does well brewed in larger batches for events. It can take a higher ratio of milk to coffee so is perfect for lovers of the flat white.