Cires Roast

Freshly Roasted

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The Cires roast is the lightest of our three profiles, however don't confuse this as an indicator of strength or flavour, being quite the opposite, both bold and amongst the most complex and interesting of all three roasts. This roast profile repeatedly gets the best reaction from some of the more experienced roasters and industry professionals we've met.

Named after one of the most celebrated coffee pickers on the Santos Cafe farm, this roast profile honours the work of Eduardo Cires, an indigneous 'Ngobe' person of Panama. We have developed this roast as a tribute to the valued contribution of the Cires family. Eduardo Cires is 23 years old and has work for the farm for 8 years as a general hand and coffee picker. His father also works of the farm and has done so for the last 3 decades. The Cires family name is highly regarded on the farm with intergenerational involvement steeped in tradition.

Flavour Notes: Almond, brown sugar, and soft herb aroma, med-low plum like acidity, full body with satin mouth feel, medium sweetness with notes of dark chocolate, marsipan, nut, custard apple and brown sugar with a slightly woody finish.

Brewing Notes: this roast works consistently well with all brewing methods and is particularly brilliant in drip filters and as a cold brew. It pulls consistently good shots as an espresso for those looking for something a little more edgy, with a fruity zing and the full range of flavours available in this bean. It's natural sweetness is a standout character, so forget about the milk and sugar - you won't need it. It also lends well to an affogatto, and a shot of Frangelico will bring out a rich nuttiness that is a signature characteristic of this bean.

This is a great roast for those who like their coffee black and don't mind a double shot. It's also great for those who are right into the specialty coffee scene as it speaks to the emerging edge of the industry. Personally, we love to take this roast camping, grind it fresh around the fire, and make a clear crisp drip filter pour over first thing as dawn breaks - this is the party that starts at 6... in the morning!