Zurdo Roast

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The Zurdo roast is our medium profile. It's a great allrounder and the perfect place to start if you are new to specialty coffee, or if this is your first taste of the Fiebre Coffee range - begin in the middle. This roast profile is a best seller at our pop-up events.

This medium roast is named after one of the most valued coffee pickers on the Santos Cafe farm. Mariano Zurdo is an indigneous 'Ngobe' person of Panama. We have developed this roast profile in honour and recognition of his work and that of his family. Mariano Zurdo has been with the Santos family for 20 year and is now in charge of managing the coffee plantations as Mr Mario's right hand man.

Flavour Notes: Deep caramel aroma, juicy dark stone fruit flavours, sweet apple acidity, creamy cashew and full body with a clean bright finish that lingers past the last mouthful.

Brewing Notes: Works best as a plunger or Espresso - go for a double shot sometimes too. Great for all occasions, the Zurdo roast holds up well in milk, particularly if you like it short. Try this roast with less milk and more coffee, or go for a double shot. Likewise, this roast is smooth and reliable as a long black.